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Kerala Tamil Tapioca Pudding (Maracheeni Pudding) recipe

How to cook or make Tapioca Pudding (Maracheeni Pudding)

Tapioca Pudding (Maracheeni Pudding) tamil recipes,pongal etc

(1) Tapioca – ¼ kg
(2) Milk – 1 ½ cup
(3) Sugar – 1 cup
(4) Egg – 2
(5) Cashew nut – 10
(6) Dry grapes – 10
(7) Maida – 2 table spoon
(8) Rose essence – 3 drops
(9) Baking powder – 1 pinch

Procedure of cooking Tapioca Pudding (Maracheeni Pudding)

Peel the tapioca, chop into small pieces, wash in water and add into boiling water. When it is cooked take out the pieces and then crush them. Break the egg and whip that. Mix the egg with milk and sugar. Sieve the baking powder and maida and add them into the cooked tapioca. Then pour the egg milk mixture little by little into the tapioca and stir. Add rose essence, a little yellow color, cashew nut and dry grapes. Melt a little sugar and pour that into a vessel having pit inside. Pour the tapioca mix over the sugar and cook in steam. On cooling, transfer into another vessel by shaking.

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