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Kerala Tamil Mix Aviyal Koottaviyal recipe

How to cook or make Mix Aviyal Koottaviyal

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Mix Aviyal Koottaviyal Ingredients:
(1) Yam – 500 grams
Cucumber – 500 grams
Carrot – 100 grams
Raw banana – 1
Drumstick – 1
Cow gram – 50 grams
Broad beans – 50 grams
Green chilly – 2
Small onion – 4

Procedure for cooking Mix Aviyal Koottaviyal

Wash the vegetables and cut into long pieces. Add salt and water and boil. Grind ingredients under (3). Smash the small onion. Add the ground paste of ingredients and smashed small onion with the cooked vegetables and boil. After they are well cooked, pour curd, add curry leaves and stir. Pour a little coconut oil and take the curry out of the stove.

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