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Kerala Tamil Colocasia Stem Tamarind Curry (Thaalu Pulingarry) recipe

How to cook or make Colocasia Stem Tamarind Curry (Thaalu Pulingarry)

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(1) Thin pieces of colocasia stem – 10
(2) Grated coconut – 1 ½ piece
(3) Tamarind – equal to size of a lemon
(4) Salt – adjust to taste
(5) Mustard seeds – 1 tea spoon
(6) Curry leaves – a little
(7) Coconut oil – 2 table spoon

Procedure for cooking Colocasia Stem Tamarind Curry (Thaalu Pulingarry)

Peel the colocasia stem and cut into thick round pieces. Wash them in water. Squeeze tamarind into water, add salt into that water and boil the pieces in that water. Pour a little oil in a pan and roast red chilly, fenugreek and asafoetida in that. Grind the roasted ingredients and grated coconut together. Pour that paste over the cooked pieces and stir well. Roast mustard seeds and curry leaves in heated coconut oil and pour that into the curry.

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