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Kerala Tamil Chicken Ball (Kozhi Pidi) recipe

How to cook or make Chicken Ball (Kozhi Pidi)

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(1) Indian chicken – 1 ½ kg
(2) Big onion – 4
(3) Ground raw rice – 2 Kg (rough flour)
(4) Coconut – 4
(5) Garlic – 20 pellets
(6) Boiled water – sufficient quantity
(7) Cumin seeds – 2 table spoon
(8) Chilly powder – 2 table spoon
(9) Coriander sees powder – 4 table spoon
(10) Green chilly – 5
(11) Turmeric powder – ½ tea spoon
(12) Salt – adjust to taste
(13) Ginger – 1 piece
(14) Coconut oil – 1 cup
(15) Curry leaves – a few

Procedure for making Chicken Ball (Kozhi Pidi)

Grate 3 coconuts and rub the grated coconut with the rice flour so as to mix thoroughly. Make a heap with the mixture and keep like that for 2 hours. Then break that and roast the mixture in a thick bottomed pan till the mixture becomes reddish. Finely grind cumin seed and garlic together. When the roasted rice flour coconut mixture becomes cold, mix that with the cumin seed garlic paste, salt and boiled water and stir. Then make small balls with the mixture. Heat water in a vessel and on boiling, add the balls into that and after 2 minutes stir with a big spoon. After ten minutes, take the vessel from the stove and transfer the balls into a flat vessel.
Cut the chicken into small pieces. Grate the remaining coconut and roast that in ¼ cup of coconut oil. Then grind the coconut. In the remaining coconut oil roast chopped pieces of big onion, green chilly and ginger. When the onion pieces turn to light brown in color, add chilly powder, turmeric powder, chicken pieces and salt. Then heat the mixture. Mix the ground coconut with a little water and pour that into the chicken pieces. Finally add masala powder. When it boils and the liquid gets thick, stop heating and take the curry out of the stove.
Serve the balls with chicken curry as side dish.

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