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Wheat Flour Rava Puttu  (Gothampu Mavu Rava Puttu)

How to make Wheat Flour Rava Puttu  (Gothampu Mavu Rava Puttu)

Chilly – Coriander Leaves

Making Wheat Flour Rava Puttu  (Gothampu Mavu Rava Puttu) at Home
Ingredients :

                     (1)  Rava – 1 cup
                             Wheat flour – 2 cups
                      (2)  Chopped pieces of big onion – 3 spoons
                             Chopped pieces of ginger – 2 spoons
                             Chopped curry leaves – 2 spoons
                              Chopped carrot – ¼ cup
                       (3)  Mustard seeds – ¼ tea spoon
                       (4)  Ghee – 4 spoons
                       (5) Grated coconuts – 2 cups
                       (6) Salt – adjust to taste


Procedure :

Heat ghee in a pan and add mustard seeds into that to splutter. Then add ingredients under (2), heat and stir. When they become reddish take out of the stove. Soak wheat flour and rava as we do for making puttu.  Then add grated coconut and the roasted ingredients, mix them well and cook the puttu. This puttu will remain good for a long time. Instead of carrot, beet root may be used.

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