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Prepare Turkey Pathiri at Home

How to make Turkey Pathiri at Home

Chilly – Coriander Leaves

Making Turkey Pathiri


                      (1) Maida – ½ kg
                      (2) Ghee – 1 tea spoon
                      (3) Salt – adjust to taste

Filling with burning taste

                   (1) Meat – ¼ kg
                   (2) Big onion – ¼ kg
                   (3) Green chilly – 6
                   (4) Ginger – 1 piece
                   (5) Garlic – 6 pellets
                   (6) Garam masala – 1 tea spoon

Sweet Filling
                          (1) Egg – 5
                          (2) Sugar – 3 table spoon
                          (3) Ghee – 1 table spoon
                          (4) Cashew nuts – 6
                          (5) Dry grapes – a few

Procedure for poori

Mix maida with ghee as we do for making Puttu.  Make it a thick paste after adding salt and water. Make lemon size balls with this mixture and spread them into big chappathis. Cut them into small round poories using cap of bottle. Fry the poories in heated oil and collect back.

Procedure for Filling with burning taste

Cook the meat with salt and turmeric and mince it. Heat oil in a pan and roast chopped pieces of big onion, green chilly, ginger and smashed garlic in that oil and stir. Add the minced meat and garam masala into that, heat and stir. Then take the vessel out of the stove.

Procedure for sweet Filling

Pour ghee into a vessel and add egg and half of the sugar. Then add pieces of cashew nuts and dry grapes and mix well. Heat that and stir well. Then add the remaining sugar also.

Make a ball of lemon size with the maida mixture and spread that into a big chappathi.  Keep a little of the meat masala at the center. Keep a small poori over that. Keep a little of the sweet filling over the poori. Fold sides of the chappathi upwards and take out the excess maida paste from the chappathi. Fry that in heated oil, till the color becomes light brown. Take back and serve.

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