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Pan Pathiri (Chatti Pathiri)

How to make Pan Pathiri (Chatti Pathiri) at home

Chilly – Coriander Leaves

Making Pan Pathiri (Chatti Pathiri)

                     (1) Maida – 2 cup
                     (2) Cashew nuts – 100 grams
                     (3) Dry grapes – 100 grams
                     (4) Poppy seed – 25 grams
                     (5) Cardamom – 6
                     (6) Egg – 13
                     (7) Ghee – 200 grams
                     (8) Sugar – 1 cup
                     (9) Salt – adjust to taste


Mix the maida with one egg and salt. Spread this mixture without much thickness just like chappathi and roast in a pan. Break the remaining eggs and pour into a vessel. Add 2 table spoon sugar, powdered cardamom and 2 table spoon melted ghee. Mix them thoroughly.

Pour the remaining ghee in a pan and heat that. Add one pathiri and pour one table spoon of egg mixture on the pathiri and spread it on the pathiri. Above the egg mixture sprinkle cashew nuts, dry grapes and poppy seeds. Above that keep another pathiri, add egg mixture over that and above that sprinkle cashew nut, dry grapes and poppy seeds. Arrange all the pathiris like this and the top most level sprinkle cashew nut, dry grapes, poppy seeds and sugar. Close the pan with a lid and heat for 20 minutes with a low flame. Then flip them and heat for 20 minutes again. Then take it out and serve.

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