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Palakkad Ada

How to make Palakkad Ada at Home

Chilly – Coriander Leaves

Making Palakkad Ada

Ingredients :

                      (1) Boiled rice – 1 glass
                      (2) Black gram dhal – ½ glass
                      (3) Toor dhal – ½ glass
                      (4) Pepper – 3 spoons
                      (5) Cumin seed – 1 spoon
                      (6) Dry chilly – 6
                      (7) Asafetida – 1 pinch
                      (8) Coriander leaves – a little
                      (9) Curry leaves – 2 stems
                       (10) Coconut – quarter part
                       (11) Salt – adjust to taste

Procedure :

Soak boiled rice in water for 6 hours.  Soak ingredients (2) to (7) in water for 15 minutes and mix with the soaked rice, add salt and grind the mixture to a rough paste.  Add only very little water and avoid over grinding.  Add curry leaves, coriander leaves and grated coconut into the paste and mix well. Then spread the paste on a heated kadai, make 3 holes at the center, pour oil in the holes and around, flip it and when both sides are crisp take that from the kadai and serve hot.

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