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Orange Jam Recipe

How to make Orange Jam at Home

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Making Orange Jam

Ingredients :

                     (1) Orange slices after removing membrane and seeds – 1 kg
                     (2) Clove – 12
                     (3) Cinnamon, 1 inch long – 3 pieces
                     (4) Sugar – 1 ½ kg
                     (5) Citric acid – 1 ½ tea spoon
                     (6) Orange color – 2 pinches
                     (7) Potassium Meta Bi Sulphate – 2 pinches

Procedure :

Put the orange slices in water, add clove, cinnamon, sugar and citric acid and boil. Continue heating and make it thick. When it becomes sticky, mix 2 pinches of orange color in 1 table spoon of water and pour that into the jam. Take the jam out of the stove.  When the jam becomes cold, mix Potassium Bi Sulphate in ¼ cup of the jam and pour that into the entire jam and mix well.

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