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 Mundiringa Wine

Making  Mundiringa Wine at Home

Chilly – Coriander Leaves

How to make Grapes Wine (  Mundiringa Wine)
Ingredients :

                     (1) Black grapes – 4 kg
                     (2) Sugar – 2 kg
                     (3) Yeast – 1 tea spoon
                     (4) Boiled cooled water – 5 bottles

Procedure :

Pluck the grapes, wash and wipe out the water. Drop a few grapes in a jar, add a little sugar over that, again drop a few grapes and add a little sugar. In this order transfer the entire grapes and sugar into the jar. Pour water, add the yeast and close the jar air tight. Shake the jar once every day. On the 21st day filter out the wine and store in clean bottles.

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