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Mixed Fruit Jam

How to make Mixed Fruit Jam at Home

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Making Mixed Fruit Jam

Ingredients :

                      (1) Pieces of apple – ½ kg
                            Peeled ripe banana, chopped into round pieces – ½ kg
                            Ripe pineapple, chopped pieces after removing skin – ½ kg
                            Ripe black grapes – ½ kg
                              1 inch long cinnamon – 4 pieces
                               Clove – 24
                         (2) Sugar – 2 Kg
                               Citric acid – 1 tea spoon

Procedure :

Take all ingredients under (1) together. Smash the clove and cinnamon and add into the mixture. Pour water so as to dip all the items. Then squeeze them thoroughly and filter through a towel.

Take the squeezed fruit juice, sugar and citric acid in an aluminium vessel, keep it on the stove, apply heat and stir well. When it starts becoming thick, heat for 2 more minutes and then take out. It should not go too thick.   

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