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Kerala Traditional Squash

How to make Kerala Traditional Squash

Chilly – Coriander Leaves

Kerala Traditional Squash


                     (1) Fruit juice – 1 liter
                     (2) Sugar – 2 kg
                     (3) Water – 1 liter
                     (4) Citric acid crystals – 1 tea spoon
                     (5) Essence – 2 tea spoon
                     (6) Preservative – ½ tea spoon
  (For Lemon)
                              Sugar – 2 ½ kg
                              Preservative – 1 ½ tea spoon


Keep the juice separately. Heat water in a vessel and add sugar. When water is becoming hot add citric acid. This is for removing the dirt in the sugar and also for preventing sugar from solidification. The sour taste of acid will control the over sweetness of sugar. Do not stir and make the sugar solution cold. First filter that out and then allow it to cool. When it is cold, mix the juice with that and serve.

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