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Ground Nut Fry (Nilakkadala Varuthathu) Recipe

How to make Ground Nut Fry (Nilakkadala Varuthathu) at home

Chilly – Coriander Leaves

Making Ground Nut Fry (Nilakkadala Varuthathu)

                    (1) Ground nut – proportional to quantity of flour
                    (2) Maida – 1 cup
                    (3) Corn flour – 1 cup
                    (4) Salt – adjust to taste
                    (5) Soda powder – 1 pinch
                    (6) Seeds of green chilly – 1 tea spoon
                    (7) White part of egg - 2

Procedure  :

Sieve the maida and corn flour. Add salt and water and mix them well just like chappathi mix. Add soda powder and seeds of red chilly and immediately add whipped white part of egg.

Mix the ground nut in little numbers in this mix and fry them in boiling oil and collect back. Spread the fried ground nuts on a thin paper to remove the oil. On getting cold, store in closed air tight jars.

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