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Spicy paneer dishes Spicy paneer recipes

Spicy paneer dishes how to cook & prepare

Spicy paneer dishes Spicy paneer recipes Paneer recipes,Paneer receipes,Paneer curry,Paneer butter masala recipies

Spicy paneer dishes Spicy paneer recipes
Spicy paneer dishes are often served with fried rice .Spicy paneer recipes are more famous in north india than in the south .This North Indian Spicy paneer dish is dedicated to all south Indian spicy paneer recipi lovers .
This spicy paneer recipe does not have much gravy ,as we are not adding water while preparing this spicy paneer dish .
Always remember to buy good quality paneer .Spicy paneer recipe is made with good quality paneer ,green chillies,onion,capsicum,soy sauce,ginger,garlic paste,black pepper & sugar .

Ingredients for a Spicy dish

1/2 slab of paneer -
7-8 green chillies -
1/2 onion -
1/2 capsicum (bell peppers)-
4-5 tbsp soy sauce
3 tbsp vegetable oil
2 tsp ginger
2 tsp garlic paste
1 tsp sugar
salt/black pepper

Method of cooking Paneer dish – Spicy Paneer recipe

Before switching on the stove to make Paneer dish complete pre-cooking activities & keep all the ingredients ready to go to the pan .Cut paneer into small cubes,chillies to be cut in length,onion diced ro long thin strips,capsicum to thin strips,soy sauce,ginger shredded ,garlic paste,sugar,black pepper & salt .Spicy Panir recipe is among some of the rarest recipe in which both shredded ginger & ginger paste are used .Some people use Anjinomotto with this Spicy Paneer recipe to enhance Spicy Paneer’s taste ,as the researches shows that continuous use of anjino motto could cause cancer –So I am not using ajino motto here ,Life is more important than Spicy Paneer dish _) right ,any how occassionally you can use ajino motto if you are very particular about it.
Switch on the stove,place a pan above it ,add oil ,when it is hot –Add sliced green chillies,onions-Saute till they become golden brown . Now add shredded ginger & ginger paste & capsicum – cook them till all veggies are tender – stir in between – as the garlic paste has a tendency to stick to the hot pan’s bottom .
Add soy sauce,salt & pepper – stir it
Mix paneer cubes & cook everything together on low/medium flame for 10 minutes .Remember do not add water to this spicy paneer dish .
Remove from flame ,garnish with more slit green chillies & chopped green onion leaves and serve hot .
Serve your Spicy Paneer recipe with hot rice or with fried rice – you could substitute spicy paneer recipe instead of chilli chicken with fried rice .

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