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How to prepare paneer curry,smoked paneer curry recipe

Smoked Paneer curry how to cook & prepare

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This is a special paneer curry ,’smoked paneer curry’ – learn how to prepare smoked paneer curry .
Prepare paneer curry with good quality paneer or cottage cheese is the main thing we have to take care of.To prepare paneer curry recipe we need to have good quality paneer (whole piece ) piece of coal !,ghee,tomato puree,onion,capsicum,green chilli,turmeric powder,coriander powder,paprika,cream,chopped coriander leaves .

To prepare paneer curry the following ingredients are required and their quantities are given for preparing smoked paneer curry .

Paneer smoked curry Ingredients:

Paneer /cottage cheese – 250gms (NOT CUT INTO PIECES)
Piece of coal – 1 small
Ghee – few drops
Tomotao Puree – 200ml
Onion – 1/ chopped fine
Capsicum – 1 / chopped fine
Green chili – 1-2/to taste (deseed to reduce pungency)
Turmeric powder (haldi) – ½ tsp
Coriander powder (dhania) – 1tsp
Paprika (degi mirch) – ½ tsp (enhances the colour;has mild flavour)
Salt to taste
Cream – 1-2 tbsps (20-30% fat)
Fresh coriander leaves (hara dhania patta) for garnishing

Method of cooking Paneer smoked curry recipe

To prepare this special paneer curry – ‘smoked paneer curry ‘ we have to first give the paneer a smoke flavour – for that sake we will cut the paneer only after giving it a smoke flavour .

Place the paneer in a big bowl . Heat a piece of coal to red hot,,make a small cup of foil the bowl with the paneer & insert the red hot coal inside the foil cup ,pour ghee over the coal and around & immediately close the bowl with a lid tightly & leave it unopened for 30 minutes ,this will give paneer a deep smoked flavour .After 30 minutes remove the lid & cut the paneer into pieces as required .

Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a heavy bottomed pan ,put in chopped onions ,capsicum & sauté till onions are pink , add turmeric ,coriander,parprika ,sauté for half a minute . Add tomato puree salt ,mix well ,simmer covered for 20 minutes . As the tomato curry leaves oil ,add paneer pieces to the curry ,mix it gently,add the cream,chopped coriander leaves,simmering for 15 minutes,until heated through .Do not put on high heat,otherwise the cream might separate.Garnish with coriander leaves & a swirl of cream if desired.

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