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Paneer butter masala gravy recipe

Paneer butter masala gravy recipe how to cook & prepare

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Paneer butter masala gravy recipe is a gravy based paneer recipe cooked in butter . To cook paneer butter masala gravy recipe we should have paneer,onions,ginger garlic paste ,red chilli powder,tomatoes,cashewnut paste ,coriander powder,ghee,turmeric powder,garam masala powder,tomato puree,coriander leaves,butter,fresh cream .

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Paneer butter masala gravy recipe Ingredients

• 250 gms Paneer (Cottage Cheese).
• 2 big Onions. (Finely chopped)
• 1 tbsp Ginger garlic paste.
• 1 tsp Red Chili powder.
• 3 big Tomatoes. (Finely chopped)
• 3 tbsp Cashewnut paste. (Optional)
• 1 tsp Coriander Powder.
• 1 tbsp Ghee. • 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder.
• 1 tsp Garam Masala powder.
• 2 tbsp Tomato puree.
• 2 tbsp Coriander leaves.
• 3 tbsp Butter.
• 2 tbsp Fresh Cream.
• Salt. (As per taste)

Method of cooking Paneer butter masala gravy recipe

Paneer butter masala gravy recipe is a tasty & healthy receipe ,paneer could be prepared in non-veg recipe model .Paneer is rich with nutrients ,the only disadvantage is that paneer has lots of sodium content .
To cook Paneer butter masala gravy recipe ,cut paneer into small cubes & fry them in ghee until it is golden brown,remove them& keep aside .Fry onion in butter in a pan till it turn brown,fry ginger garlic paste to the onions and fry them for a minute .Add chilli powder,turmeric powder,garam masala ,& coriander powder to it ,mix them well ,be cautious not to burn the masalas ,control heat .
Add chopped tomatoes & tomato puree into it .Mash it well till it form a gravy and let simmer for a minute .Add cashew nut paste to it ,mix it well ,add salt and mix it well ,add paneer cubes to the gravy ,mix it thoroughly ,cover the pan and let it cook for few minutes.Add 1 ½ cup water and mix it thoroughly ,add salt to taste .
Cook till the gravy reaches required consistency .Stir it occasionally while cooking ,then turn off the stove ,add remaining butter and fresh cream to it ..
Allow the gravy to settle for that keep it for 5 minutes closed with a lid .Chopped coriander is used to garnish paneer butter masala gravy .

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