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Kerala Paal Peda Milk Peda

Kerala South Indian Paal Peda Milk Peda

Paal Peda Milk Peda kerala naadan recipes

Paal Peda Milk Peda South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles

Paal Peda Milk Peda Ingredients:-

(1) milk – 8 cups
(2) lime juice – 2 tb sp
(3) sugar – ½ cup

Method of preparation Paal Peda Milk Peda

Pour 4 cups of milk into a bright thick bottomed vessel and heat. When it boils pour 2 tea spoons of lemon juice. The milk will separate. Filter it , dry the residue by keeping it in a piece of light cloth.

Add 1 table spoon maida to the remaining 4 cups of milk and heat that. Stir continuously. It must be reduced to half the quantity and as thick as butter. Mix together the residue of separated milk and the milk – maida concentrate. Add sugwr and stir well.

Add ghee on a marble slab or wooden slab and spread the mixture on that. Use a mould and cut the peda out.


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