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Kerala Paal Ada Milk Adai

Kerala South Indian Paal Ada Milk Adai

Paal Ada Milk Adai kerala naadan recipes

Paal Ada Milk Adai South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles

Paal Ada Milk Adai Ingredients:-

1. Maida – 500 gms
2.coconut – 1
3. ghee – 100 gms
4. egg – 1
5. sugar – 150 gms
6. elachi powder – ½ tea sp
7. salt – to taste

Method of preparation Paal Ada Milk Adai

Grind coconut and extract milk. Mix the maida, coconut, milk, egg, salt and water together and make a semi paste. Mix sugar with elachi powder. Apply ghee in a broad pan. Pour semi paste mixture and add sugar and ghee at the center.
Make it four folded and serve hot.


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