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Kerala Jileby,Jalebi,

Kerala South Indian Jileby,Jalebi,

kerala naadan recipes

Jileby,Jalebi, South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles

Jileby,Jalebi, Ingredients:-

(1) black gram dal – 500 gms
( skin removed )
(2) sugar – 750 gms
(3) ghee – 400 gms
(4) jileby color – as required

Method of preparation Jileby,Jalebi,

Soak black gram dal in water and grind.
Melt the sugar, add jileby color and keep for some time.
Heat ghee in a pan.

Put a hole at the center of a cloth bit and transfer the black gram paste in to it.
Squeeze the paste out through the hole in to the pan . While squeezing , move your hand in such a way so that the paste is poured in to the pan in the shape of a jileby . Heat the pan and when it becomes crisp take the jileby out and dip in melted sugar. Once it has absorb the sweetness take out


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