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Kerala Chiratta Puttu Shell Puttu

Kerala South Indian Chiratta Puttu Shell Puttu

Chiratta Puttu Shell Puttu kerala naadan recipes

Chiratta Puttu Shell Puttu South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles

Chiratta Puttu Shell Puttu


(1) roasted rice flour – ½ kg
(2) grated coconut – 1 cup
(3) water, salt – as required

Method of preparation Chiratta Puttu Shell Puttu

Take a coconut shell with eyes. Dip it in water for 4 days. Then take it out and remove all fibres and make the surface smooth. Put a hole at the bigger black eye.

Mix the rice flour with salt and wet it with water. Add water little by little so that the whole flour will be wet. Do not make it a paste.

Take the coconut shell and put a little grated coconut into it. Then put a layer of wet rice flour. Then above that put a layer of coconut. Then heat it over steam either by keeping it above the vent of a pressure cooker or by keeping it above the pot of the puttu maker. The shell must be kept closed by another vessel. When steam comes above the shell, take out the shell carefully and place it upside down on a clean plantain leaf.


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