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Kerala Chicken Stew

Kerala South Indian Chicken Stew

kerala naadan recipes

Chicken Stew South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles

Chicken Stew Ingredients:-

1. Chicken cut into big pieces - 1 kg
2. potato - 2
3. big onion - 2
4. ginger - 1 piece
5. Fenugreek powder - 1/4 tea sp
6. pepper powder - 1/2 tea sp
7. elachi - 4
8. clove - 1
9. cinnamon - 1 piece
10. green chilly (torn) - 5
11. red chilly - 3
12. curry leaves, coriander leaves, pudina leaves - a little
13. tomato - 3
14. garlic - 4 pellets
15. milk of 1 coconut (3 milks )
16. salt, oil - as required
17. mustard seed - 1/2 tea sp

Method of preparation Chicken Stew :

Pour oil in a vessel and heat. Add pieces of big onion and fry. Add garlic and ginger to that and stir. Add green chilly. When green chilly gets half cooked, add chicken and heat. Cut potato into pieces and heat that separately till the potato gets cooked. Smash the potato and add that to the chicken. Heat gently.

Add second and third milk of coconut along with salt and continue heating till the water is evaporated out. Cut tomato into square pieces and add over the chicken. After 5 minutes, add first milk of coconut. Stir well and switch off the flame.

Pour oil in a kadai and heat. Add small pieces of big onion and fry. Add red chilly and curry leaves and heat for 2 minutes. Then pour it over the chicken. Sprinkle pudina leaves and coriander leaves over it and keep closed for some time.


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