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Kerala Chicken Cutlet / Mutton Cutlet

Kerala South Indian Chicken Cutlet / Mutton Cutlet

Chicken Cutlet / Mutton Cutlet kerala naadan recipes

Chicken Cutlet / Mutton Cutlet South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles

Chicken Cutlet / Mutton Cutlet Ingredients:-

1. chicken / mutton - 1 kg
2. ginger - 10 gms
3. curry leaves - a little
4. green chilly - 1/2 kg
5. bread crunch - 1/2 kg
6. masala - 20 gms
7. egg - 1
8. coconut oil - 1/2 kg
9. potato - 1/2 kg

Method of preparation Chicken Cutlet / Mutton Cutlet :

Remove bone and waste of chicken and cut it into small pieces. If it is difficult to cut, put in a mixer and make into slices. Do not grind too much.

Cook the potato and smash. Cut ingredients2 to 5 into small pieces and heat them. Then cook them with the chicken pieces. When the cooking is over , let the water to evaporate. Maintain a low flame and when the evaporation of water is complete add the smashed potato. Grind the masala and add to the chicken and mix thoroughly. In cse it appears to be too waterish, add bread crunches to it. Make balls with the mixture and press to any shape. Break the egg, whip it
Break the egg, whip it and apply over the cutlet. Give a coating of bread crunches and fry in boiling coconut oil


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