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Kerala Black Halwa ( Karuppu Halwa )

Kerala South Indian Black Halwa ( Karuppu Halwa )

Black Halwa ( Karuppu Halwa ) kerala naadan recipes

Black Halwa ( Karuppu Halwa ) South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles

Black Halwa ( Karuppu Halwa ) Ingredients:-

1. maida - 1 kg
2. coconut - 4
3. jaggery - 3 1/2 kg
4. butter - 250 gms
5. dalda - 250 gms
6. sugar - 200 gms
7. vanilla essence - 1 sp
8. elachi powder & nutmeg powder (together) – 1 spoon
9. cashew nut - 100 gms

Method of preparation Black Halwa ( Karuppu Halwa )

Make a solution of maida in water. Close top of a vessel with a towel and pour the solution into the towel. Squeeze the liquid into the vessel. Add 2 litres of water and heat. Melt jaggery and pour it into maida solution. Grate the coconut, add 10 cups of water into that and squeeze well to get the milk.

Add 10 cups of coconut milk to the maida solution. Stir continuously. At intervals, add dalda and butter alternatively.
When the mixture is about 75% solid, add sugar, followed by cashew nut. Add other ingredients in the order elachi powder, nutmeg powder and vanilla essence.

When oozing out of ghee ceases, switch of the stove and keep the mixture to get dry. When it becomes rubber-like, transfer into another vessel in which ghee is already applied. When it is cold, cut and serve.


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