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Kerala Avil Vilayichathu Coated Avil

Kerala South Indian Avil Vilayichathu Coated Avil

Avil Vilayichathu Coated Avil  kerala naadan recipes

Avil Vilayichathu Coated Avil South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles

Avil Vilayichathu Coated Avil Ingredients:-

1. Rice flakes – ½ kg
2. jiggery – 1 ½ kg
3. coconut – 2
4. sesame – 2 sp
5. elachi – 3
6. moong dal – ½ cup
7. ghee – 200 gms
8. water – 3 cups

Method of preparation Avil Vilayichathu Coated Avil

Break the coconut and take half part of it. Cut it into small pellets. Grate the remaining coconut finely. Keep a pan on the stove and heat it. Pour 1 spoon ghee. Roast the moong dal without changing its color and take it out. Roast the sesame and pellets of coconut also and take them out.

Mix the jiggery with 3 cups of water and melt it in a vessel and filter. The resultant quantity of melted jiggery must be 6 cups.

Heat ghee in a thick bottomed pan and add the melted jaggery. Reduce the flame and stir continuously. When it boils add the grated coconut. When the jiggery becomes sticky due to evaporation of water, remove the vessel from the stove and allow to cool.

Add the rice flakes and stir continuously. Then ad the roasted gram,, sesame, coconut pellets, powdered elachi and the remaining quantity of ghee and stir well.

When it becomes cold, spread the coated flakes in a dry plate. This will remain fresh for days together.


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