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Kerala Pazham Squash Fruit Squash recipe

Kerala Pazham Squash Fruit Squash South Indian recipi

Pazham Squash Fruit Squash kerala naadan malayalam recipes

Pazham Squash Fruit Squash South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles receipe

Pazham Squash Fruit Squash Ingredients:-
(1) cooked smashed banana – 1 cup
(2) sugar – 2 ¼ kg
(3) boiled cooled water – 750 ml
(4) citric acid – 20 grams
(5) potassium meta bisulphate – 800 mgs.

Method of preparation Pazham Squash Fruit Squash

Take well ripen banana and steam cook that. Then remove the skin and smash in a mixer. Dissolve sugar in water in a vessel and add citric acid crystals into the sugar solution. Then heat that and filter through a cloth. Keep the solution for cooling. Add the smashed banana into that solution and stir well so as to prevent formation of lumps. Dissolve Potassium Meta bisulphate in water and add the solution into the fruit mixture. Store the squash in washed dried glass bottles.


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