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Kerala Oats Desert recipe

Kerala Oats Desert South Indian recipi

Oats Desert kerala naadan malayalam recipes

Oats Desert South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles receipe

Oats – 1/21 cup

(1)Oats – ½ cup
(2) Badam – ½ cup
(3) White part of tender coconut smashed in mixer – 2 cups (must be thick)
(4) Sugar – 1 cup
(5) Vanilla Essence – 5 drops

Method of preparation Oats Desert

Roast the oats and badam without oil and grind them to a rough powder. Dissolve sugar in half cup of water and boil the solution. Continue boiling until the color changes to golden. Stop heating and allow to cool. Then add the roasted badam and oats into the sugar solution followed by smashed tender coconut and vanilla essence one by one and stir well. Keep some time for chilling and then serve.


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