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Kerala Dhal Puri

Kerala South Indian Dhal Puri

Dhal Puri kerala naadan malayalam recipes

Dhal Puri South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles

Dhal Puri Ingredients:-

(1) Wheat flour – 500 grams
Ghee – 50 grams
Salt – to taste

Ingredients for filling:-
(2) Black gram – ¼ kg
(3) Cumin seed – 1 tea spoon
Elachi - 4
Cinnamon – 1 piece
Clove – 2
Red chilly – 1
(4) Salt, oil – as required

Method of preparation Dhal Puri recipe

Mix wheat flour with salt and water. Then grind the masala item
Take oil in a pan and heat that. Roast the masala mixture and black
gram in the oil and then grind them. Make small balls out of the
wheat flour paste prepared already.
Create a small pit at the center of the ball. Fill the pit with the
masala mixture and make it into ball again. Spread the balls in
circular shape on a wooden or marble slab. Fry them in boiling
oil in a pan.


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