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Kerala Chocolate Roll

Kerala South Indian

Chocolate Roll kerala naadan malayalam recipes

Chocolate Roll South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles

Chocolate Roll Ingredients:-

(1) Coco powder – 2 table spoon
(2) Sugar – 1 cup
(3) Coconut – 1 cup
(4) Milk powder – 2 table spoon
(5) Glucose biscuits – 10
(6) Milk chocolate – 1/2 cup ( cut into pieces )
(7) Cashew nut – 50 grams

Method of preparation Chocolate Roll recipe

Add water to coco powder and heat. Heating may be stopped when the coco melts and changes into custard.
Melt sugar in a pan and add coconut crunches into the melted sugar. Heat gently and remove all water content. Add milk powder, biscuit pieces, cashew nut, milk chocolate, and the custard (melted coco already made) into that and mix well. Get the mixture rolled in an aluminium foil and keep at a suitable place in the fridge where it is not too cold. When it is solidified, take out and cut into round shaped pieces.


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