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Kerala Beat root Pickle recipe

Kerala Beat root Pickle South Indian recipi

Beat root Pickle kerala naadan malayalam recipes

Beat root Pickle South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles receipe

Beat root Pickle Ingredients:-
(1) Beat root cut into pieces after removing skin - 250 grams
(2) garlic pellets – 50 grams
(3) ginger pieces – 10 grams
(4) chilly powder – 30 grams
(5) asafoetida powder – ½ tea spoon
(6) fenugreek powder - 1 tea spoon
(7) vinegar – ½ cup
(8) salt – adjust to taste
(9) gingly oil – 30 ml

Method of preparation Beat root Pickle

Add oil into a vessel and heat. Roast the garlic and ginger in that. Then roast the beat root at a low flame. Add chilly powder, fenugreek powder and asafetida and heat with a low flame. Finally add salt and vinegar, stir well, boil and take out.


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