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Kerala Beat Root Halwa recipe

Kerala Beat Root Halwa South Indian recipi

Beat Root Halwa kerala naadan malayalam recipes

Beat Root Halwa South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles receipe

Beat Root Halwa Ingredients:-
(1) water in which grated beat root was smashed and filtered – 500 ml
(2) cow milk or coconut milk – 500 ml
(3) wheat flour – 30 grams
(4) badam dissolved in water and filtered – 25 grams
(5) ghee – 2 table spoon
(6) jaggery melted in water – 500 ml
(7) Elachi powder – 1 tea spoon

Method of preparation Beat Root Halwa

Mix the wheat flour in milk. Stir well and avoid formation of lumps. Pour the beat root juice, badam solution and melted jiggery into that and boil with a small flame. Add ghee when it becomes thick and when it becomes non sticky, sprinkle elachi powder and stop heating. When a non stick vessel is used, less quantity of ghee will be required. Quantity of ghee must be minimum for cholesterol patients. Microwave oven will take 15 minutes at 750 W.


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