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Kerala softdrinks South Indian juice,squash receipes

How to make Kerala ,South Indian softdrinks,juice etc

Kerala softdrinks & south Indian squash,fruit juices are made with the locally available fruits,curds & milk .India is hot in summer ,so these south indian people drink lots of juices .

In Kerala people used to drink Sambharam ,a drink made from butter milk ,still the sambaaram is more popular . We warn you against ill effects of continual use of colas available in the market .

Kerala people were knowing the principle of homoeopathy similar cure similar - because earlier days people used to drink hot rice soup or coffee to reduce the heat .

Here we have a collection of fruit juices & squash recipes from Kerala South India .

  1. Kerala Sambaaram MorumVellam Spiced butter milk
  2. Kerala Banana wine
  3. Kerala Carrot juice
  4. Kerala Golden wine
  5. Kerala Gooseberry wine
  6. Kerala Grape wine
  7. Kerala Lassie
  8. Kerala Mango Milk Shake
  9. Kerala Mango Sarbat
  10. Kerala Mango Squash
  11. Kerala Orange Juice
  12. Kerala Orange Lemon Squash
  13. Kerala Salt lassie
  14. Kerala Squash
  15. Kerala Sweet lassie
  16. Kerala Tender coconut juice




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