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Kerala Marble Ice Cream recipe

Kerala Marble Ice Cream food dishes South Indian recipi

Marble Ice Cream kerala food dishes

Marble Ice Cream South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles receipe

Marble Ice Cream Ingredients:
(1) Boiled milk – ½ cup
(2) Egg – 2
(3) Milk Maid – ½ tin
(4) Chilled milk – ½ cup
(5) Gelatin – 1 tea spoon
(6) Corn flour – 1 tea spoon
(7) Cream – 2 cup
(8) Coco – 2 tea spoon
(9) Sugar – 6 tea spoon
(10) Vanilla Essence – 1 tea spoon
(11) Cool water – 2 tea spoon
(12) Lemon juice – ½ tea spoon

Procedure for cooking Marble Ice Cream

Add boiled milk into yellow part of egg and whip well. Then add milk maid and sugar and whip again. Transfer all these together into a vessel and make that thick. The ingredients should not get separated. Add corn flour in chilled milk and mix. Filter the solution and pour that in custard and keep on stirring. The custard will get thick. Mix gelatin with a little water and melt it by holding over hot water. Add that also slowly into the custard and stir. Mix ½ tea spoon vanilla essence also and when it is cold keep it in the freezer for setting. When it is well set, take out. When it gets half melted, add cold cream and whip.
Sprinkle 4 tea spoons of sugar little by little into the white part of egg and whip. Now add lemon juice and the remaining ½ tea spoon vanilla essence. Add more custard without disturbing the foam. Mix coco powder with water without lumps. Make that thick by heating and then keep for cooling. Transfer the custard mix prepared earlier into an ice cream bowl. Pour the thick coco solution on both sides of the custard and mix gently without disturbing the entire contents. Keep in freezer for setting. When it is set take out, transfer into small cups and serve.

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