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Kerala Mango Cream Pudding recipe

Kerala Mango Cream Pudding food dishes South Indian recipi

Mango Cream Pudding kerala food dishes

Mango Cream Pudding South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles receipe

Mango Cream Pudding Ingredients:
(1) China Grass – 15 grams
(2) Water – 2 ¼ cup
(3) Mango juice – 1 ½ cup
(4) Condensed milk –1 ½ tin
(5) Milk – 3 tin
(6) Sugar – 9 tea spoon

Procedure for cooking Mango Cream Pudding

Soak china grass in ½ cup of water. After 15 minutes heat it and stir. There should be no particles in the mixture. Mix ingredients (4) and (5) together, add sugar into that and stir. Heat it and stir continuously so that solid should not get deposited at the bottom of the vessel. When the melted china grass and milk attain uniform temperature, mix them together, heat for 2 minutes, stir and take out. Filter it and transfer into another vessel. Before it solidifies pour the mango juice at various places in the pudding and decorate with cherry.

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