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Kerala Konju Theeyal Prawns Theeyal recipe

Kerala food dishes South Indian recipi

Konju Theeyal Prawns Theeyal  kerala food dishes

Konju Theeyal Prawns Theeyal South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles receipe

(1) Prawns – 250 grams
(2) Big onion – 1 (chopped into square pieces)
(3) Tomato – 4
(4) Drum sticks – 2 (cut into pieces of 2 inches length)
(5) Green chilly – 3 (torn)
(6) Grated coconut – ½ of a coconut
(7) Fennel – 1 tea spoon
(8) Chilly powder – 3 tea spoon
(9) Tamarind – 15 grams
(10) Curry leaves – a little
(11) Salt – adjust to taste
(12) Oil – 1 tea spoon

Procedure for cooking Konju Theeyal Prawns Theeyal

Mix the grated coconut and fennel together, stir well and spread the mixture on a tawa and roast for 10 minutes either in crisp method or in combination method. Stir every 3 minutes. After 9 minutes, while roasting, add chilly powder and coriander seen

ds powder, switch off for one minutes and then keep 10 minutes for cooling. After getting cold, grind the mixture well. Meanwhile, spread the prawns, drum sticks, tomato and green chilly on the tawa, add one tea spoon of oil and roast for 10 minutes in crisp method. Stir once after 5 minutes, while roasting. Transfer that into a bowl and mix with the coconut, fennel paste made earlier. Also add salt curry leaves and tamarind, stir well and make the mixture in the form of a thick liquid and boil for 10 minutes in microwave. (Keep the vessel opened while boiling)

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