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Kerala Dry Lemon Pickle Naranga Curry recipe

Kerala Dry Lemon Pickle Naranga Curry food dishes South Indian recipi

 Dry Lemon Pickle Naranga Curry kerala food dishes

Dry Lemon Pickle Naranga Curry South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles receipe

Dry Lemon Pickle Naranga Curry Ingredients:
(1) Lemon – 25
(2) Oil – 100 grams
(3) Green chilly – 250 grams
(4) Chilly powder – 50 grams
(5) Fenugreek powder – 50 grams
(6) Ginger – 100 grams
(7) Salt – adjust to taste

Procedure for cooking Dry Lemon Pickle Naranga Curry

Boil water in a vessel, put the lemon in that and close the vessel with a lid. After some time open the vessel and keep it opened for 30 minutes. Then spread the lemon on a cloth for drying. When it is dry, tear that into four pieces without detaching. Cop the ginger and green chilly into long thin pieces. Add chilly powder, fenugreek powder and salt into that. Fill the lemon with this mixture and spread in a jar. Add the remaining masala at the top. Cool the heated oil and add at the top in the jar. Close the jar with cloth tied at the mouth and keep the jar in the sun for a week. Stir the contents daily. This pickle will last for a long period.

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