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Kerala Beef Biriyani recipe

Kerala Beef Biriyani food dishes South Indian recipi

Beef Biriyani kerala food dishes

Beef Biriyani South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles receipe

Beef Biriyani Ingredients:
(1) Biriyani rice – 1 kg
(2) Beef cut into pieces – 1 kg
(3) Ghee – 250 gram
(4) Big onion – 250 gram
(5) Cinnamon – 4 pieces
(6) Cashew nut – 50 gram
(7) Dry grapes – 50 grams
(8) Ginger – 1 table spoon
(9) Garlic – 5 pellets
(10) Elachi – 6 Nos.
(11) Nut Meg – ¼ piece
(12) Fennel – 1 tea spoon.
(13) Turmeric powder – just for color
(14) Poppy seed – as required (grind)
(15) Lemon juice – 1 table spoon
(16) Coriander paste – 2 table spoon
(17) Salt – adjust to taste
(18) Rose water – 2 tea spoon
(19) Maida – 2 cup
(20) Curry leaves – as required
(21) Coriander leaves, Pudina leaves – a little
(22) Curd – 2 Cups

Procedure for cooking Beef Biriyani

Wash the rice and cook with cinnamon pieces and salt. When half cooked, take out the rice and spread that on a flat vessel. Roast cashew nuts, dry grapes and half of the big onion pieces in ghee. Hat the remaining onion pieces in ghee and take out. Mix the beef pieces, heated onion, coriander paste, poppy seeds paste, ginger, garlic, curd, Lemon juice, elachi powder, nut meg powder and salt together, cook them and spread on a flat vessel. Over that, spread half of the semi – cooked rice and over that spread the roasted cashew nuts, dry grapes and onion. Close the vessel with a lid and heat for 1 hour with a minimum flame or keeping it over burnt wood. Then take it out, mix with rice and meat and serve.

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