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Kerala Badam Biscuit recipe

Kerala Badam Biscuit food dishes South Indian recipi

Badam Biscuit kerala food dishes

Badam Biscuit South Indian,Kerala ,tamil nadu styles receipe

Badam Biscuit Ingredients:
(1) Maida – 4 cups
(2) Egg – 2
(3) Sugar – 2 cup
(4) Butter – 1 ¼ cup
(5) Badam – 100 grams (roasted and powdered)

Procedure for cooking Badam Biscuit

Mix butter and powdered sugar together and paste the mixture at the bottom of a vessel. Mix together yellow part of egg and maida in that vessel. Add powdered badam into that and stir well. Spread the mixture on a board and cut in desired shapes. Wipe a tray with ghee and spread the biscuit pieces on that tray. Whip the white part of egg and apply that slightly on the pieces and then bake the biscuits.

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