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Egg vermicelli recipes

How to cook Egg vermicelli recipe How to prepare Egg vermicelli recipe

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Egg vermicelli recipe Method of cooking & Ingredients required

Egg vermicelli is cooked mainly using egg & sugar – we are not using any vermicelli which is available in the market to make this egg vermicelli recipe,but the name got from the fact that it looks like a vermicelli dish .This a sweat egg recipe

The list of ingredients required to cook egg vermicelli recipie is given below.
Ingredients :
Egg - 30
Sugar - 3 cups
Water - 6 glass

How to prepare to make egg vermicelli recipe
Get 30 eggs & 3 cups of sugar & water- Break each egg & separate the white & yolk of the eggs in two separate bowls .Strain the yolk using a spoon in a sieve .Keep aside.
Next dissolve all the sugar in 6 glass of water and boil the sugar solution in a flat plate .Let it keep on boiling the sugar solution in low flame.
Take a plastic glass & put a small hole in its bottom ,pour the egg yolk of 1 egg into it – close the hole with your finger –
Hold the plastic glass over the boiling sugar solution ,remove your finger from the hole & spread the yolk mixture over the sugar solution through this hole .After 10-15 rounds of spreading ,sprinkle little cold water into the solution and remove the egg from the sugar syrup .Drain & keep aside.Do the same with remaining egg yolk .
Take the bowl with egg yolk,beat it well in the remaining sugar syrup & steam the mixture ,so that it will turn to solid ,cut it into pieces of desired shapes ,

Method of arranging Egg vermicelli

Take a plate & spread the yolk mixture on it & arrange the steamed egg while pieces in the middle .
Now our Egg vermicelli recipe is ready .

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