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Egg bonda recipe

How to cook Egg bonda recipe How to prepare Andai bonda receipe

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Egg bonda recipe Method of cooking & Ingredients required
Egg bonda recipe is a famous south Indian egg recipe ,which is easy & quick tea time snack, many of us are familiar with the potato bonda recipe,instead of potato,in egg bonda we are filling it with boiled egg .
The ingredients required for egg bonda recipe are boiled eggs,gram flour,rice flour,pepper,chilli powder,green chillies etc .

The complete list of ingredients required for egg bonda are given below .

4 boiled eggs, cut into 2 halves each
1 1/4 cup Gram flour
1 cup rice flour
Salt as required
Pepper - 1/4 tsp
1 tsp red Chilli powder
3 green chilies, finely chopped
Oil for frying

How to prepare to cook egg bonda
Hard boil eggs and peel them ,cut into two halves each,keep aside
Sprinkle ¼ tsp chilli powder,pepper and a little salt over eggs and keep aside
Make batter with gram flour,rice flour,chilli powder,green chillies,salt and pepper with water to form a thick batter

Method of cooking egg bonda receipes
Heat oil in pan ,dip the egg pieces in the batter one by one,fry hot oil on medium and low heat till it turn crisp and light brown .
Repeat the process for the remaining eggs ,drain them on kitchen paper
Serve hot the egg bonda recipe with sauce and chutney .

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