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Vella dosai recipes or Jaggery dosa Vellam dosa receipes

Cooking Vella dosai recipes or Jaggery dosa Vellam dosa receipes

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Vella dosai or Jaggery dosa is a sweat dosa recipe with cardamom flavour . Vella dosa is prepared with wheat flour,Jaggery,Cardamom & ghee .Here is the list of Vella dosa ingredients with quantities .

Ingredients for making Vella dosai:

1. Wheat flour - 1 cup
2. Jaggery - 1/2 cup (same cup used for wheat flour ; make it a powder)
3. Cardamom power- 1/4 tsp
4. Ghee - 1/2 tsp

Method of cooking vella dosai ,Vellam dosai or Jaggery dosai

First of all we will make Jaggery water by diluting jaggery in lukewarm water – Heat 1.5 cup water ,when it is lukewarm ,add jaggery into it & let it melt. Now our Jaggery water is ready .
Add wheat flour gradually into the jaggery water & whisk it till it moistens – the jaggery dosa batter should be in the consistency of our normal dosa batter .
Add cardamom powder & ghee into the Vellam dosai batter & keep the batter aside for 10 minutes .
Preheat the dosa pan ,grease it with little ghee & pour a ladle full of batter & spread into a circle .Pour quareter spoon ghee around the edges of vellam dosa to make the release of the edges easier ,if you could remove the dosa without sticking then you can avoid adding extra ghee .
Flip on the otherside when one side is cooked ,if you want add ghee – after few seconds remove the vella dosa from the pan .Vellam dosa is ready to be served with butter .
Jaggery will get burnt easily so keep the flame low & give more attention to avoid burnings

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