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Set dosa recipes Method of making set dosas

Set dosa receipes ,making set dosa batter

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Set dosa – how it might have got this name , as per my perception, set dosas are small in size approximately 6-10 cm diameter & thick ,so eating 1 dosa may not be sufficient , so we need it as a set of 3 or 4 or even 8 dosas ,so this dosa served as a set ,so is the name set dosa .

If we simply order dosa ,we may not get this dosa ,if you want this type of small & thick dosa you have to ask for Set dosai .

In kerala it is also known as “Thattu dosai or thattu kada dosai “
Set dosa is made from the batter of gram dal,coconut,poha etc

Ingredients for set dosa
• Rice flour - 2 cups (regular or brown rice can be used)
• Urad dal - 1cup
• Poha - 1 cup

Method of cooking set dosa

Soak the urad dal and poha for 4-5 hours. Grind it finely to a paste with water Add rice
flour and salt to the paste and mix well. You can add more water to get the required

Store the dough in a large vessel in a warm place for atleast 8 hours for it to ferment well.

Heat tava. Pour a tablespoon of dough on the tava. Do not make it very thin.

Prepare small round dosas of approximately 10 cm diameter with little oil. Cover it and let
it cook for a few minutes. When the dosa is red, turn the dosa and cook on the other side.
Serve a 'set' of 3 dosas topped with butter or ghee and chutney .Set dosa is ready to serve

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