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Quick dosa recipe

Cooking Quick dosa recipe

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Quick dosa recipe – Preparing dosa is a time consuming affair ,you need around 8-9 hours to make ready the dosa batter because the rice has to be soaked over night before grinding and after grinding the dosa batter has to be kept minimum 3 hours for fermentation ,these time consuming procedures makes dosa making a difficult task .

But don’t worry we have some other dosa recipes which could be made instantly .These dosa are as tastier as our normal dosa recipe .

So let us have wheat flour,rice flour,baking soda for preparing the quick dosa ,here is the list of ingredients required for preparing quick dosa ,this dosa is a wheat flour- rice flour dosa recipe .

Ingredients for Quick dosa recipe:

250 g - wheat flour
2 tbsp- rice flour
1/8 tsp - salt, baking soda
oil for tempering & for preparing dosa
For Tempering:
1/2 tsp - jeera
1/4 tsp - red chilli seeds
1/4 tsp - mustard seeds
1 tsp - finely chopped curry patta leaves & coriander leaves, each
30 ml - butter milk (optional)

Method of cooking Quick dosa recipe

In a bowl mix the wheat flour ,rice flour ,salt & baking soda & dilute the mixture with water & buttermilk to make the quick dosa batter .
Heat a pan & add 1 tsp of oil ,add mustard seeds ,jeera ,red chilli seeds & chopped leaves & fry till the seeds splutter & remove this mixture from the pan & add this to the quick dosa batter which have just prepared ,mix the batter for consistency .
Heat dosa pan & wet a cloth with oil & rub it on the pan ,so that the oil is applied on to the pan evenly & in minimum .
Pour a ladle full of quick dosa batter on to the pan & spread the batter quickly in circular motion to prepare a round thin dosa ,add few drops around the dosa’s edges –Flip the side once it is cooked to brown color .& remove after few seconds .
This quick wheat rice dosa recipe is good to be served with chutney or with potato curry

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