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Quickest method to cook quick dosa how to cook instant thosai

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Quick dosa is an instant dosa recipe or how to cook instant thosai ,this is for our new generation people who doesn't have time to make dosa batter in the previous night & keep it for fermentation .So here is the quick way to make this "Quick Dosa " ,take the required flour ,dilute it with water or buttermilk to make a batter with medium consistency - switch on the stove place the pan,grease it with oil ,make quick dosas fast n quickly -

Quick dosa or new generation dosa –

As we know dosa batter preparation should start 8 hours prior to heating up dosa pan – around 5 hours to soak rice & Urad dal and 3 hours to ferment the dosa batter ,In today’s fast life we don’t have time to spend for making dosa with 8 hours ,so the solution is quick dosa or instant dosa .
.Quick dosas also known as instant dosaa & we have few dosa recipes under instant dosai category .

As you can assume ,there will be no soaking or fermentation procedure to make quick dosa ,just mix the flour ingredients in water to make the batter & start cooking dosas immediately ,with in half an hour your dosa will be ready .

Ingredients for quick dosa recipes

1 cup Semolina (rava)
2 cup Rice flour
1 cup yoghurt
1 cup wheat flour
ginger -1/2 an inch
Green chillie - 3-4 nos
salt to taste

Method of cooking Quick dosa or instant dosai

Mix rava or semolina ,rice flour,ginger ,yoghurt & green chillies with salt .Mix wheat flour with this mixture ,add sufficient water to dilute the mixture without any lumps . This is your quick dosa batter . Keep it aside for ½ hour . Heat the pan ,apply oil ,pour the batter & spread it in circular motion . Pour little oil around the dosa ,so it will get released on the slides & flip it over to the other side .Let the dosai turn to crisp ,take off from the pan ,quick dosa is ready to be served with chutney .

* Semolina, made from durum wheat, is known in North India as Sooji; in South India, Ravey in Kannada, Rava/Ravam/Ravai in Telugu/Tamil,

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