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Mysore dosa - Simple dosa recipe

Cooking mysore dosa ,a simple dosa recipe

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Mysore dosa ,is a tasty recipe from Mysore ,Karnataka ,this is a simple dosa recipe .This dosa recipe too need 8 hours to prepare its batter ,if you are looking for quick dosa or instant dosa try them .
Mysore Simple dosa recipe is prepared with a batter made by grinding soaked rice,urad dal,upma rava ,Bombay rava & fenugreek seeds together with sugar & Bengal gram .
Ingredients for Simple mysore dosa recipe is here with its quantities required .
Simple Dosa Recipe

Ingredients for simple dosa receipes

1 cup rice
1/4 cup urad dal
3, 4 tsps of upma rava/bombay rava
3, 4 fenugreek seeds
2 tsps sugar
1 tsp bengal gram dal
water for grinding
salt to taste

Method of cooking Simple Mysore dosa recipe

Soak in cold water the following - 1 cup rice & quarter cup Urad dal ,rava(Suji ) ,Bengal gram dal,fenugreek seeds separately till evening or one overnight or for 5 hours – (rice:Urad dal in 4:1 proportion )
Grind all the soaked ingredients with sugar adding required amount of water to maintain the consistency .After grinding you can add salt to taste.

Keep the simple dosa batter over night for fermentation .

In the morning stir & mix the batter well ,once again check the consistency .
Heat the dosa pan,rub gingerly oil to it ,pour a table spoon full of simple dosa batter to the pan & spread it evenly in cicular fashion towards the edge of the pan ,apply little oil around the edges of the dosa to let it released easily ,once the edges start to get released flip the side .When both sides are cooked well ,remove the dosa to the serving pan .
Simple dosa is best to be served with coconut chutney .

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