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Mysore dosa recipe –Mysore masala dosa Indian coffee house masala dosa

Cooking mysore dosa

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Mysore dosa recipe –Mysore masala dosa Indian coffee house masala dosa
Mysore dosa- Mysore masala dosa is a tasty recipe from Mysore ,a tasty dosa recipe from the kitchen of famous Mysore Palace ,so try this royal masala dosa recipe at your kitchen .
Mysore masala dosa is served with coconut chutney ,garlic chutney or red chutney & with potato bhaji –so that recipes too included here .
The method of preparation of mysore dosa is similar to any other dosa recipe ,but in this the ingredients used for making dosa batter is different from other dosa recipe ,so try to make this mysore dosa with the ingredients listed here . The main ingredients for making mysore dosa batter are Urrad dal,long grain rice,paraboiled rice,moongdal,channadal,methi seeds .
This masla dosa is same as Indian coffee house masala dosa
Ingredients required for mysore dosa are listed below .

Recipe for mysore Dosa batter.
• Urad dal 1 cup
• Long grainRice 1 cup
• Paraboiled rice 1 cup
• Moongdal&Channadal 1/2 cup
• Methi seeds 1tsp

Method of preparing mysore dosa batter

Soak the ingredients for mysore dosa batter together for about 5 hours & grind them into a smooth paste of medium consistency .Keep it for 8 hours of fermentation ,add salt to taste .Now mysore dosa batter recipe is ready to make dosaa .
Masala dosas are usually served with a spread of red garlic chutney and aloo/potato palya inside the dosa and coconut chutney on the side.
After the mysore masala dosa /Indian coffee house masala dosa batter making we will make the potato dry curry for keeping inside the dosa .
Here the list of ingredients required for Aloo playa recipe or potato dry curry

Aloo Palya/ Potato dry curry recipe

• Potatos 2 large
• Onion 1 large
• Green chillies 2-3
• Salt to taste
• Oil, mustard, turmeric and channa dal for tempering.

Method of cooking potato dry curry

In Indian coffee house masala dosa they add boiled beans,& beetroot with potatoes to make the dry potato fry more colourful & tastier .
Method of making Aloo playa or potato dry curry for masala dosa
Boil the potatoes to cook it well & peel it ,keep aside . Heat oil in a pan ,add mustard seeds ,channa dal , let them splutter,after that add turmeric powder ,add chillies & chopped onions & fry for 4 minutes until onions turns transparent .
Add salt to taste & potatoes & mash it –check salt – now the potato dry curry is ready

Recipes for Red/garlic chutney

• Garlic 3-4 cloves
• Onion 1 small (cut into big chunks)
• Red chilli Powder 1tsp
• Tamarind 1/4 tea spoon
• Salt to taste.

Grind all the above ingredients ie garlic,onion,red chilli,tamarind & salt together to a fine paste – Check for the salt .

Coconut Chutney recipe

• Coconut 1/2 cup
• Cilantro leaves 1/2 cup
• Green chilles 2-3
• Tamrind 1/2 tsp
• salt to taste
• Coconut Chutney
For making coconut chutney grind together coconut, cilantro, green chillies, tamarind & salt.Make a smooth paste by adding little water ,transfer to a serving bowl .

Now the side dishes for Mysore masala dosa is ready –now we will make dosa ,

Making mysore dosa

Heat the skillet & smear oil on to it ,take two ladle full of dosa batter & spread it on the skillet in circular motion –remember to make it thin & even – Let it cook for 2 or 3 minutes ,until the edges of the dosa leave- spread red chutney & dry aloo on required amount –Fold the dosa & transfer to the serving plate .
Now our mysore masala dosa is ready to be served with coconut chutney – When you feel to have a Indian coffee house masala dosa next time try to make this mysore masala dosa .

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