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Different dosa recipe -Thattukada dosa or thattu set dosa

Cooking Different dosa recipe -Thattukada dosa or thattu dosa

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Different dosa recipe -Thattukada dosa or thattu dosa
Set dosa is also known as thattu dosa ,the set dosas sold at thattu kada are called as thattu dosa .Do you ever had “Thattu Kadai dosa” thattukada dosa thattu dosa ,kerala thattu dosa “ it is very popular in Kerala mainly in the national highways & bus stands ,near cinema theatres you could find small shops with a square shaped big pan making thattu dosas & people crowded infront of these thattukada shop are eating very hot dosas with chutneys or with kadala curry or with double omlets .Omlets of duck egg is also available here ,thattu dosa with red colored chutney & chukku coffee is a common combination in kerala .

What about making thattu dosa or set dosa at our own kitchen .Set dosa got its name from its shape & serving numbers –set dosa is small in size ,so you may need to have 2 or 3 or 5 dosa for your appetite .

This set dosas are more tastier than normal thattu dosas .To make thattu dosa or set dosa we need to have rice,poha,butter milk,fenugreek seeds .The list of ingredients for set dosa is given here with the quantities required .

Ingredients for Different dosa recipe -Thattukada dosa or thattu dosa :

• 2 Cups rice
• 1 Cup poha
• 1 Cup butter milk or yogurt
• 1 tsp Fenugreek seeds
• Salt to taste
• Oil as needed

Method of cooking Different dosa recipe -Thattukada dosa or thattu dosa

Clean & wash the rice –soak rice and fenugreek seeds in warm water for about 2 hours –using warm water will help us to reduce the soaking time .
Grind Poha with little water & then add soaked rice & methi seeds ,add salt & make the batter thick and soft .

After grinding the set dosa batter keep it aside for fermentation in a warm place .Fermentation needs 8-12 hours depending on the climatic conditions .

After fermentation add butter milk to the batter & mix well .Pour the batter into the griddle & if the thickness of the batter is correct the batter itself will spread to a small circle ,no need to spread it any more - set dosa is thick & small in size .
Cook both sides of the dosa over medium heat ,apply very little oil .

Now our set dosa is ready to be served with chutney

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