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Adai dosa recipe Ada dosa receipes Adai dosai recipies

How to prepare ada dosa

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Adai dosa is the choice if you are bored with normal dosa ,as adai dosa is added with dhals & chillies ,ginger,curry leaves – it gives adai dosa a special flavor,color & taste .
Adai dosa is comparatively quicker dosa than normal dosas ,as adai dosa batter need not be kept for fermentation ,after grinding the batter immediately you can start making dosas .

Adai dosa is a very nutritious dosa ,its ingredients include 4 types of dhals – chana dhal ,tuvar dhal,urad dhal,moong dhal & rice .

Adai dosai is tasty too as the batter is added with grinded chillies ,ginger & curry leaves .Here is the list of ingredients for adai dosa with its quantity required .

Ingredients for Ada dosaa
1 cup chana dhal
1 cup tuvar dhal
1/4 cup urad dhal
1/4 cup moong dhal
1/2 cup (finely cut) onion
1/2 cup (finely cut) coriander
10-12 curry leaves
1/4 cup grated coconut

1/4 cup rice
2 green chilli
4 red chilli (dry)
1? piece finely cut ginger
a pinch or two hing
salt to taste
oil for frying dosa

Method of cooking Ada dosa recipes

Wash & clean the dhals and rice –always check the ingredients for ada dosa batter clean them thoroughly ,even small amount of dirt could spoil your adai dosa .
Soak dhals & rice separately for 1 hour . In a grinder grind rice,chillies & curry leaves ,ginger together to form a paste ,now add the dhals & grind it till it turn smooth .Pour the grinded batter in a vessel & then add hing,salt,onion,coriander & coconut . Mix well – for mixing the batter your hand is the best choice .
It is better to keep a tava exclusively for making adai dosa ,other wise if you make chapattis in the ada dosa tava ,the adai dosa will stick on to the pan – so if you are using the same tava to make adai dosa too ,first apply 2 or 3 drops oil after the tava heating up ,sprinkle salt & rub the tava with cut portion of onion & dust the pan for any traces of salt .Now your ada dosa will not stick to the pan .
Ok now our tava is ready to make ada dosa Heat it & pour 1 full cup of batter & spread in a circular motion ,spread a spoon of oil around the ada dosa turn & cook both sides till well done or till the ada dosa turns crispy .Remove adai dosa from the pan .
Sweet or spicy chutney is a good combination with adai dosa .

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