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Onion dosa recipes ,Venkayam dosa receipes

Method of cooking Onion dosa recipes ,Venkayam dosa receipes

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Onion dosa is prepared like our normal dosa ,we use the dosa batter made from rice & urad dal .But at the stage of making dosa ,we add chopped onions,chillies & corainder mix above the dosa .

For making onion dosa we need rice,urad dal ,jeera powder,onions,chillies & coriander leaves .Onios dosa ingredients are given below with the quantities required .

Ingredients for onion dosa :

• 2 cups Rice
• 1 cup Urad Dal
• 1 tbsp Cooking Oil
• ¼ tsp Jeera Powder
• 2 large Onions (chopped)
• 5 Green Chillies (chopped)
• 4 twigs Coriander Leaves (chopped)

How to make Onion Dosa:

For making Onion dosai the first step is making onion dosa batter – clean rice & Urad dal ,clean it with water – Soak urad dal & rice separately for an over night .

Grind the soaked rice & Urad to make it a fine paste (for idli coarse batter is required ) ,add salt to the paste & mix well allow it to ferment for 3 hours .

In that mean time we will chop the onions ,chillies & coriander leaves – mix all these together with jeera powder (cumin powder ) in bowl & keep aside to add this mixture to the onion dosa in the final stage .

Now we will start making onion dosa – Heat a dosa pan ,apply little oil to the heated pan and then pour a table spoon full of batter onto the pan & immediately spread it evenly in a circular shape ,add little oil onto the dosa & spread a 2 tea spoon of onion-chilli-coriander-cumin mixture on the uncooked side and wait for few seconds ,flip the side & cook the other side too ,remove the dosa from the pan ,repeat the same procedure to cook more onion dosas .

Now our onion dosa recipe is ready , you can call this dosa as chilli onion dosa ,coriander dosa or even cumin dosa

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