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Neer dosa recipes

Neer dosa recipes cooking

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Neer dosa ,as its name indicates is made with a watery batter so you should be careful while making this dosa & while removing neer dosa from the pan .Neer dosa will get easily cooked .Neer dosa is very thin & light .Neer dosa is very popular in Karnataka .May neer dosa is there for your tomorrows breakfast with coconut chutney .
If you want to prepare neer dosa tomorrow remember to soak the rice in water today night itself till tomorrow morning .
Ingredients for Neer dosa is here with their required quantities

Ingredients for Neer dosa recipes

2 cups - Raw rice , soaked overnight
1/2 cup - Freshly grated coconut
3 cups - Water
Salt to taste

Method of cooking neer dosa

Clean the rice & soak the raw rice in water overnight for 5-6 hours before grinding the rice for neer dosa batter .
Grind the soaked rice after draining out the water – Grind the rice with coconut to fine paste with water .Batter should be very thin & watery –Add salt to taste.
Apply oil on a hot pan ,pour batter with ladle ,spread it evenly around the tava as thin as possible ,it may be a difficult task ,but with experience you will soon master it .
In a lower heat cover the pan with a lid & cook till the dosa is cooked & no need to flip the sides as the dosa is very thin .
Method of Folding neer dosa
Fold the neer dosa into half & again into half - transfer the neer dosa to the serving plate .Neer dosai is best to be served with chutney or with non-vegetarian curry .

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