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Dosa recipes Different dosa recipies

How to prepare dosa - Dosai receipes cooking methods

Dosa recipes with chutney & sambar,paper dosa,masala dosa,neer dosa,rava dosa,vegetable dosa

Dosa is a common breakfast dish in south india .South Indian dosa recipes are tasty & healthy .There are hundreds of different dosa recipes !.Most of us knows less than 10 types of dosa recipes .Some of the rare dosa recipes are vegetable leaf dosa, banana dosa, Thirang dosa, steam dosa, kal dosa, Kakinada dosa, Kachipuram dosa, dosa with upma, coffee dosa, mutter dosa, curd dosa, Nepali dosa and barley dosa .

Some of the dosa recipes needs soaking & fermentation time ,it may take more than 10 hours,but we have instant dosas too .

Nutritious factors of dosa recipes

Most of the dosas are prepared with fermented batter of rice & Urad dal - the combination of these two make dosas protien rich ,dosas are as nutritious as chicken & gives energy .

List of dosa recipes is here ,thy include south indian dosa recipes,kerala dosa recipes,tamil dosai recipies,north indian dosai receipes .

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